The Faketure Consortium of Artists is a group of creators and thinkers who are involved in the investigation of our multifaceted interactions with the so-called "natural" world through various creative endeavors.

The next Faketure exhibition is entitled Mountain: a force of Faketure.
From 8.22-9.20.08, the main gallery, atrium and courtyard of the Beverly Arts Center will feature Faketure Consortium installation works.
On September 13th a reception will be held with a Faketure film festival from 6pm-9pm.
There will be select non-gallery installation works continuing into October from September 21-October 26.
On October 25th a reception will be held with a Faketure film festival from 6pm-9pm.
Mount Hood, image by Gabriel Akagawa

This exhibition is co curated by Gabriel Akagawa and Audrey Peiper.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us at faketure@gmail.com.

There are also satellite projects/exhibitions by Faketure Artists.
Gabriel Akagawa at the Chicago Cultural Center pedway Open Studio Programin October called the Honeycomb Ceiling.
Jenny Lounibos exhibits her giant metal pigeons entitled The Underbelly at Winzeler Gallery.


Molehills was at the Beverly Arts Center from 8/24-9/23.07 in the art center's atrium and courtyard. This venture included a short film festival. The Press Release call for films was available on CAR.

The first Faketure Short Film Festival occured at the Beverly Arts Center on the night of September 23, 2007.

Molehills Closing Reception and Film Festival at the Beverly Arts Center was on September 23, 2007.
The Faketure installation project of Jung A Woo was on display in the BAC atrium.
Reception hours: 6:00-8:00pm
Film screening part one: 6:00-6:45 pm
Intermission 6:45-7:00 pm
Film screening part two: 7:00-7:45pm

Video Artists included:
Daniel Anhorn, Lisa Barcy, Shelley Dodson, Thomas Gokey, Sabine Gruffat, Nicholas Hayes, Kendler / Schafer, Jodie Mack, Regina Mamou, Chris Meerdo, Jeroen Nelemans, David Parker, Susannah Kite Strang, William O. Amaya Torres


"Faketure ", defined
“Faketure” is the conflation of artifice and nature. These art exhibitions are about setting up a dialogue between these two ideas. Nature can be thought of as a construct of language and society, so essentially it is artifice, or “fake”. It is only there because we allow it to be there; we will the nature of “Nature”.

The idea of Faketure raises many questions: How do we manipulate nature to our needs? Why do we need it? Why are we so detached from it physically? Why are we so attached to it psychologically? What do we have to learn about ourselves by how we use/abuse/confuse nature?

Art is a medium by which to address and experience Nature; a perspective, modeled by the numerous artists who use it. The artists of this show were chosen for the diverse interactions, uses, and definitions of nature/faketure in their work. Humanity and Nature are not mutually exclusive entities. They are richly intertwined. We use Nature as a mirror through which to view our selves in the context of our world. Faketure is a reflection in that mirror.


Participating Faketure Consortium Artists,

Please make an internal site page with your Faketure-related statement, an image of related work or drawing of plan, and a writiting of you ideas for the Faketure consortium site-specific exhibition at the Beverly Arts Center or other Faketure related venture.

Thank you very much,

Gabriel Akagawa, Faketure Founder, Faketure artist, Faketure curator
Audrey Peiper, Faketure curator

Iceberg Project|| a collaborative project between Taylor Hokanson, Audrey Peiper, and Gabriel Akagawa
PhytoMimicry|| a group Faketure show with Kumiko Murakami, Glenn Wexler, and Gabriel Akagawa at Perrella Art Gallery
Cornfield Project|| a collaborative project between Jung A Woo and Gabriel Akagawa
Molehills Installation|| a colaborative project with Gabriel Akagawa's Sculptural Practices: Concepts, Materials, Processes class.

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